“Unleash time and space for artists”
Saiko (西湖) is one of lakes composing Mt.fuji area which has long been an object of faith and a source of artistic inspiration.
Amidst the trees overlooking the lake, 舞台-Butai- was born.
舞台-Butai- is non-purpose space made in an artist-in-residence “SAIKONEON”
This space literally has no specific purpose and is built by staff of SAIKONEON aiming to release artists’ mind.
How to use this 10m x 10m space? We haven't decided yet. Let us hear your ideas!


〒401-0332 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町西湖2234
2234, Saiko, Minamitsuru Gun Fujikawaguchiko Mac, Yamanashi Ken, 401-0332, Japan


If you have any questions, please contact the following.
The following PDF is a basic guide as a standard.
Conditions may vary depending on the shooting and event details used.
Please feel free to contact us for budget and conditions.
* Although it is an outdoor facility, there is a power supply facility that can be used with an extension cable from the adjacent residence facility, and a water supply facility can also be used with an extension hose.